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Lighter Capital and Silicon Valley Bank have teamed up to offer early stage tech companies access to debt capital and banking services – tailored specifically to a startup’s unique needs. Reach your next milestone with our non-dilutive growth capital and financial tools.

Lighter Capital and Silicon Valley Bank – Our Unique Partnership

Choosing the right long-term growth partners now saves you time when you’re busy growing – and lays the foundation for your future growth and success.

Exclusive Offer Details

  • Exclusive 1% interest rate discount off your Lighter Capital loan when you also sign up for an SVB account.*
  • Unmatched insights, advice and networking events.
  • Optionality and a seamless transition from Lighter Capital to SVB products as you grow.
* Accounts require an account control agreement.

Growth Capital Funding from Lighter Capital

The leading provider of alternative startup financing – $200M+ invested in over 350 startups in 650 rounds.

Up to $3M in total debt funding in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Zero dilution. Free from personal guarantees, warrants, and board seats.

Mix-and-match funding now and in the future based on your capital needs.

Banking & Financial Services with the SVB Startup Banking Solution

Leading bank of startups and VCs. SVB banks 67% of all U.S. startups and 50% of the VCs.

Dedicated early stage team. Their sole focus is to help founders succeed.

Scale from pre-VC to beyond IPO. SVB banked 70% of the IPOs in 2019.

Accelerate your company’s growth. On your terms.

Access up to $4M in total debt funding. Revenue-Based Financing or Term Loans with pre-approval for a forward commitment: you decide how and where to spend the funding to achieve your next milestone.

Is our funding a good fit for you?

You're a tech company

Software, SaaS, tech services, etc.

You're generating revenue

Your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) has averaged at least $15K on average

You’re in the U.S.

Based in the U.S. or a subsidiary in the U.S.

You don't need to be profitable

We don’t require you to be profitable, but we do like to see a path to profitability.

You have customer diversity

You’re currently supplying your products or services to at least 10 clients.

Funding that scales

Funding that scales as your company grows. Follow-on rounds in as little as a week.

Your Success is Our Success

Learn How Other Innovators Have Driven Growth with Lighter Capital and SVB

“Lighter Capital offered revenue-based lending as a vehicle to extend us more runway and more capital”

Michael Papay, Co-Founder & CEO at Waggl
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“Lighter Capital gave us funding to extend our runway so we could concentrate on growing the business. With SVB, we’re with one of the most prestigious tech-focused banking organizations.”

Jimmy Kim, Co-Founder & CEO at Sendlane
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MRR measures the monthly amount of total revenue that is subscription-based or recurring in nature and highly likely to continue into the future. This number excludes all one-time, nonrecurring payments, such as implementation or professional service fees, hardware, as well as discounts. 
Your net cash flow is the difference between your cash inflows and cash outflows. If your business is profitable, your net cash flow will be a positive number. If you’re not yet profitable, it will be negative. Please note that positive cash flow is NOT a prerequisite for funding!

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